Sunday Funday? More like Monday Funday!

Psst. Psst. Over here. No, no. Other side. More to your left. Hi!

waving girl






Bored at school? Bored at work? Bored at home? Do you also happen to be familiar with Shakespeare? If so, I think I might have something to help you pass the time. 🙂 I created an EXCEPTIONALLY entertaining and engrossing game! Seriously, guys. It rocks. This game is nothing short of awesome. Expect to see it everywhere soon. Your peers, coworkers, and even your parents will be hooked. My confidence that this game will take off is such that I’m currently in talks with several techies. That’s right, I’m turning it into an app.

Alright, alright. I admit I’m overselling my little creation–and letting my imagination have free reign–but when you’re bored, counting the ceiling tiles is judged to be a most excellent source of amusement, isn’t it? So, comparatively speaking, I’m sure my game will provide at least some diversion.

For those interested, the game I speak of–or write of–is called “That’s from Here, and That’s from There.” Below is a screenshot of it.

That's from Here, and That's from There (black borders)

Upon pressing “Play,” players will be presented with two columns. The one on the left will feature the titles of several Shakespearean plays. The one on the right will contain quotes. It is your job to match each quote with the title from which it was taken. You have eight minutes to complete the pairings.

All participants will receive a virtual slice of pizza!







Click here to play the game.

What is that I hear you say? Not familiar with Shakespeare, are you? Fret not. I’ve got something to help you pass the time, too. *Clears throat* Introducing “The Super Duper Fun Arcade Game” by jessymarie! (That’s me.) So, here’s a bit of info about this second creation of mine: I fitted this game with solely one level. I wanted it to be a game that would serve as a mild distraction, not something that would wind up sucking hours out of your day. The level, however, contains three stages–each of which has a different theme to it. One is set in the grasslands, the second in a cave, and the third has futuristic elements to it. Within each stage lies a treasure chest. It is your job to evade/outrun the bad guys and reach said treasure chests. (Note: the stages do not end immediately after you find the trove. Keep running for an additional second or two.)

After testing the game out, I realized that perhaps it would have been more apt if I had titled it “The Super Duper Hard Arcade Game.” It’s rather challenging, but I suppose that that’s part of what makes it fun! 😀

Here’s a screenshot of “The Super Duper Fun Arcade Game”:


Oh! By the way, scattered throughout the game are a few blue circles. These are spells. If you gather them and press the space bar, they’ll be cast. Feel free to use them on the bad guys. (The spells temporarily stun them.) You’ll know if you’ve collected a spell by looking at the upper right-hand corner of your game screen; using the shot above as an example, the double zeros won’t be there.

Want to give the game a try? Click here, and feel free to grab a slice of that virtual pizza! There’s plenty to go around.


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