From Me to You…

I’ve got a little something for you. *Sets box down on table* Go on. Open it.

gif present

That’s right! It’s the latest Capering on Glass Bridges game! As promised, this game is a bit more challenging than was the last. In this one, you have four minutes to match minor characters to their roles within the novel. Like its predecessor, this game has a leaderboard. It took me about thirty seconds to complete the pairings. Once again, I challenge you all to attempt to beat my score! Just as I did with the Character/Setting Matching Game, I promise to reward the highest-ranked player with a copy of the sequel to Capering on Glass Bridges upon its release. (I will be announcing the winner via this blog, so be sure to subscribe so as not to miss the post.)

Here’s a screenshot of the game:

Minor Characters Matching Game2

Upon pressing play, you will be presented with two columns. The one of the left contains character names. The one on the right contains roles.

Click here to be taken to the game.

Good luck!


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