Link Parties 101

Who Does What?
All link parties consist of two groups: the host and the participants. (Note: The host can double as a participant should they desire to.) First and foremost, it is the duty of the party’s host to decide on a theme. Each participant must then:
1. Compose a post in keeping with the theme put forth by the host
2. Publish said post
3. Navigate to the host’s site and add their post’s URL to a specified list
4. Visit fellow party-goers’ blogs and look at their posts (as you may have already ascertained, the links to their sites will be found via the list referenced above)

Yay or Nay?
Link parties are looked upon favorably within the blogging community. Their popularity stems from the fact that they accrue participants numerous benefits. Here are just a few such perks:
– Increased exposure for one’s site
– A stage on which to network with fellow bloggers
– The opportunity to have one’s content featured on other blogs

My Thoughts
Prior to yesterday, I had no idea what link parties were. After conducting a bit of research and familiarizing myself with their workings, I can say that this certainly seems like something I’d like to become more involved with in some capacity–be it as a hostess or as a participant.

Do you have a favorite list party? If so, please feel free to comment down below!


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