Unscrambling the Scrambled

Happy Friday! The weekend is here! Yay!

dancing baby

To celebrate, I’ve got a game for you. It’s called “Unscrambling the Scrambled.” Here’s a screenshot of it:

Unscrambling the Scrambled

So, let’s go over the rules: Each question will present you with a word whose letters have been scrambled. It is your job to unscramble the letters and identify the word that once was.

For instance, if a question were to read “opre,” you’d want to type in “rope” as the answer. If it were to read “lanvicra,” the correct unscrambling would be “carnival.” Get it? Players will have eight minutes to complete the game, which consists of twenty-one questions. All participants will receive a scrumptious, virtual brownie topped with virtual ice-cream and sprinkles! 😀

ice cream

Click here to be taken to the game.


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