A Trip to the Theater: Me Before You

I don’t normally gravitate towards contemporary romance films–not at all. The content of such movies rarely manages to engage me. Nonetheless, when I saw the trailer for Me Before You a few months ago, I felt something strange. I felt…desire. There. I said it. I actually wanted to watch this romance film. No. Let me amend that. It was, after all, more than just desire that filled me. There was excitement, too. I couldn’t wait for Me Before You to hit theaters. Why? you might ask. I’m not sure. If you’ve viewed the trailer, you’ve probably realized that the film utilizes an all-too-familiar trope: it chronicles a love story of sorts between an ill person and a healthy one. (A Walk to Remember, anyone? The difference is that in Me Before You, Will’s illness isn’t in and of itself killing him.)

Ultimately, I didn’t care that this film was posed to trod down paths already traveled; I think that the comedic elements sprinkling the trailer hooked me. For quite some time, my sister and I were counting down the days. We were determined to watch the movie as soon as it came out. In retrospect, I admit that this probably wasn’t the best of ideas. Though we went to the theater in broad daylight–figuring that the teenagers wouldn’t come out to play until much later–the auditorium was pretty filled…with unreserved girls who dedicated themselves to the task of commenting on nearly everything that transpired on screen. To my delight, I was fortunate enough to sit next to a pair of such girls. Unlike the rest, they also took to completing the characters’ sentences; I suppose that they read the book. Lol! Oh well. You live and you learn. (Note to self: allow at least one or two weeks to pass before going to the theater to watch a romance film. Never go on its release day.)

Though I don’t intend to review the film at the moment, I will briefly share my thoughts on it.

*Clears throats*

I liked it. The film came across as well-balanced. It had its funny parts–seriously, the comedy here was probably the best I’ve seen in a romance film–its heart-warming pieces, and it also explored some truly delicate issues. I won’t elaborate too much on this latter bit so as not to spoil the film for those intending to watch it. Overall, I award this film a happy face. 🙂

Oh! Speaking of movies, I have to share this trailer with you guys. It played prior to the screening of Me Before You.

The idea of someone being born on Mars just seems so cool! What do you guys think?


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