Machu Picchu

( This Wanderlust Wednesday post is long overdue! 😀 )

Location: Peru

Description: Machu Picchu is a citadel that was built during the fifteenth century by the Incans — a group of South American Indians. It is believed that the fortress was intended to serve as an estate for the Incan emperor Pachacuti.

article-0-0b16fbd5000005dc-683_964x721machu-picchu-llama-unesco_92494_600x450NGS Picture Id:2201267

Fun fact: Disney animators drew on Machu Picchu for inspiration in creating Kuzco’s empire in The Emperor’s New Groove. See the resemblance?



6 thoughts on “Machu Picchu

      1. Yes I’m sure the full experience of being there would be epic ! 🙂 Thank-you for following my blog, I’m very impressed with your writing.

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