TBT — Writing Your First Novel’s First Draft

Since Thursdays are the designated day of the week for throwing it back, I thought it fitting to look through some of my older posts, pick my favorite, and share it with you all. The following post appeared on my blog when this site was still in its infancy — just ten days after it went live, to be exact.

Hope you all enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER: The following article was created for the readers’ entertainment. For the sake of brevity, it condenses the process of writing a novel to a mere twenty steps. This gross simplification of an otherwise complex and nuanced undertaking is not intended to offend those who required double or triple the amount of steps to complete their first draft. Again, the focus here is on entertainment. Thank you. 🙂

1.  The idea is born.


2. You casually break away from whatever you’re doing, pull out your phone, and take note of said idea.


3. You read your notes back to yourself and think: “This is it. This is the one. A book it shall become.”


4. The succeeding days see only giddiness from you. Not a force in the world could soil your euphoria.


5. You sit down to start writing.

getting ready to type

6. And…


7. Zilch. Nada.


8. Lack of productivity soon gives way to despair. You start to wonder where went the inspiration.


9. Breathing exercises ensue as you begin to fear the worst: your brilliant idea is actually a rather hollow one from which nothing of substance can be derived, hence the writer’s block.


10. A most unhealthy amount of chocolate is consumed.

eating chocolate

(Or booze.)


(Or both.)


11. The decision is made to outline.


12. Writing is attempted anew; this time, words begin to flow.

typing fast

13. You’re back on track, and you couldn’t be happier.

happy dance

14. Friends and family start to ask questions regarding your project; they want details. You manage to skillfully avoid answering all inquiries.


15. Eventually, you relent and decide to reveal your story’s particulars to a select few. Regret instantly overwhelms you upon being met with this reaction from your confidants:


16. You consider setting your manuscript on fire.

paper burning

17. You decide against it and continue writing.

crazy writer

18. Steps 16 and 17 are repeated…numerous times. (For GIFs, please see above.)

19. After many sleepless nights and countless hours spent staring at the ceiling, you type your story’s concluding sentence, thereby heralding your first draft’s birth.

happy laptop

20. The celebrations are short-lived — time to start editing.

frustrated sigh


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