The Yesterdays of Tomorrow — Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve turned the cover of The Yesterdays of Tomorrow into a jigsaw puzzle! (As some of you might recall, I did the same for Capering on Glass Bridges a few months ago.) I invite all to check it out.

Come on. Don’t be shy. You know you’re just dying to play! 😉

The puzzle for The Yesterdays of Tomorrow has 48 pieces. However, this figure can be adjusted. Simply click on “Play As” in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen to choose anywhere from 24 to 200 game pieces. As far as important features are concerned, you’ll find buttons to restart the game and present you with an image of the assembled book cover in the lower left-hand corner.

I was able to solve the puzzle in under ten minutes, so — assuming you play with 48 pieces, as did I — this game isn’t much of a time-sucker. It’s a great source of entertainment for those looking to kill a few minutes.

Click down below to be taken to the puzzle.
preview48 pieceTHE YESTERDAYS OF TOMORROW Jigsaw Puzzle

What’s that I hear? You want to solve the Capering on Glass Bridges puzzle, too? Say no more. Tada! Here it is:
preview48 piece“Capering on Glass Bridges” Jigsaw Puzzle


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