A Few Notes on Editing

Questions answered in today’s video:

  • Can you explain what editing entails? What issues am I supposed to be addressing/focusing on during the editing process?
  • Should I edit my own novel?
  • I’ve decided in favor of self-editing. When should I start editing my novel?
  • How many rounds of editing should my manuscript be subjected to?
  • I’m done editing. Now what?

My Train of Thoughts On…

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on My Train of Thoughts On… — a site home to book reviews and the 10 Statements series (which basically consists of unique author interviews).

To read what Karen from My Train of Thoughts On… had to say about my debut novel, Capering on Glass Bridges, click here.

To check out my author interview, click here. (This interview was quite unlike any other I’ve ever participated in. It was extremely fun!)