Blog Tours 101

Ever heard of blog tours before? Know what they are? If you answered ‘no’ to either question, I invite you to check out my most recently uploaded video!


5 thoughts on “Blog Tours 101

  1. I learned a lot organizing a blog tour for an author last year. One of the things I could have used is the information on the length of a tour. But, it was a short notice tour and considering I had never done one before and it was on a volunteer basis, it really turned out pretty well. If I ever do it again it will be with a lot more advance notice and for a longer period of time. Thanks for the tutorial.

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    1. My pleasure!

      I’m happy to learn that–all things considered–the tour you organized turned out well! Congratulations! 😀 (Putting together a blog tour is quite a feat, isn’t it?)

      Thank you for commenting!

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