Book Launches: Games of Strategy

You’ve written your book. Now you can just sit back and relax. Nothing else remains to be done. Simply hit the “Publish” button and watch hundreds of eager readers flock to your novel as you grin in wild ecstasy.


(If only…)

An author’s job does not end with writing their book — at least, not if they’re a self-published author planning to take charge of marketing their title. A feature of a well-thought-out marketing campaign is an equally well-thought-out book launch. What is a book launch, you ask? Allow me to illustrate:


Now, just imagine that on the nose of this rocket lies your novel, and outer space — in this elaborate analogy — represents potential readers. Got it? Good! You understand what a book launch is.

If your book launch plan is a good one, you increase the chances that your novel will reach it’s intended destination and, consequently, that you and your closest loved ones will be able to celebrate like these guys:

If your book launch plan isn’t too great, and if there are infirmities in your rocket, you increase the odds that this will happen:

Most probably, only those who gathered to watch your rocket take off — and maybe a few others — will learn about your book. (Ouch!)

The main point to draw from the preceding is the following: the importance of a well-thought-out book launch cannot be overemphasized. With this in mind, I’d like to share a post published by author Joynell Schultz in which she discusses the specifics of her marketing plan. It’s a terrific read filled with no dearth of useful resources. Undoubtedly, you’ll be able to borrow a few ideas from her; I sure did!

Without further ado, here’s the post in question:

Is there such thing as a perfect book launch? I have my new novel, Blood & Holy Water, set to launch this week. I’ve done a pile of reading, listened to as many podcasts and webinars as I could find, and spoke with other indie authors on successful techniques. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, just […]

via Planning the “PERFECT” Book Launch — Joynell Schultz


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